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Voting Tops

I think you’ve probably already come across sites that requested you vote for your favorite poker room. Voting systems differ from site to site. At one site you can just name your one favorite poker, at another you can name limited numbers of the best online poker rooms, or you can evaluate and rate as many poker rooms as you like. Methods differ but results are the same; we have ratings of the best poker-rooms made by lots of participating poker players. All voting ratings with at least several voters participating are collected here. Only ten of the best online poker-rooms are shown here.

Some sites give information about the number of people participating and the average mark/number of votes received, others don’t. So I should warn you that sometimes the first place with the highest mark could mean that only one person voted and gave the maximum. At the same time, some really good poker rooms receive many tens but several nines and have less than a maximum average grade. Another thing to remember is voting criteria. Sometimes poker rooms are evaluated as a whole, but sometimes users evaluate separate poker room features. As a result, pokers with nice graphics or fast downloads could gain higher places than really reliable and trustworthy poker-rooms. I’ll try to write about possible “hidden dangers” in the site reviews.

Some sites accumulate voting results for their whole life, others make new voting every month or every year. Tops of the sites with accumulated results are updated quarterly. Tops of the sites with renewable voting are updated as often as the site does.

Please, do not forget to vote here! Right now voting results are not available, just because the site is new and the number of votes is low. As soon as some leaders receive a sufficient number of votes, “Best Online Poker Ratings” results will be available.

Below you can see full lists of sites with voting tops. Click any link below and you’ll see voting top of the site.

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