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The Most Tight/Loose Poker-Rooms

Almost any poker-room allow you to check average table stats in the lobby. You can see average pot size and average number of the players watching flop. If you like loose games you should look for tables with "flop seen" above 50%, at low limits at loose rooms you can find this number as high as 80%-90%. At opposite good tight players usually play about 20-25% of the hands and you can find such tables at high limits and in tight rooms. Of course looseness and tightness are somewhat subjective so please do not blame me if you think that other rooms are tight or loose.

Below you can see this subjective top, I just want to say that you can use general guideline to predict whether room is tight or loose: old, stand-alone rooms are usually tight (good players that started to play before poker boom play there), younger rooms, connected with online casinos and sportsbooks are loose (they attract new players who probably never played poker before).

* For networks you'll get the link to the most popular room. More rooms from the same network you can find through "Search".