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Rating source: TYFYCHPS

Rating type: PERSONAL.

im a 3 year player most of which was on Party Poker. I live in texas and i am 21. I play many home games and i lived in FL for a short stent where i was able to visit ebro dog track, they also play 1/2 limit tables and 35 dollar tourneys. I Was semi successfull on PP till about a year ago when i got lucky and made 4500 in like a 3 day non stop poker marathon. But as soon as the money hit my bank I was back on the 10/20 ring tables playin loose like i didnt need the money. It only took a few days and I was out 1 fat poker roll. Subsequently in my recent days i have been reduced to a freeroller. Its not the same but ive seen both sides. I dont consider my self anything other than an amature without a roll. But I know my cards and i got a good gut, all i need is roll.

Rating Poker room Pros Cons Author's review
1Party Poker#1 For fish, they got new promos in which are good
You can feel securein there transaction history
too many loose players at low limits. Not enough freerolls for free.Party is a good site to make money on and you can ...
no/ PartyGaming Poker review Poker details 
2Poker StarsBetter Competition
good site for satillites
monthly bonuses are par with the other rooms
not enough freerolls for me.
lots of good players.
20% up to 120
Its a good site for the skilled to test themselves...
no/ proprietary Poker review Poker details 
3Absolute Poker (closed)Best in Freerolls
Good Bonuses
Freeplay incentive is fun
Too many people on the freerolls and there too slow at running them coulcould use Tons of freerolls you can start in the morning and...
CEREUS Poker review Poker details 
4Noble Poker (closed)800 bonus is most availablegnot enough free rollsA must for a true bonus hunter. Good test of soli...
iPoker/ PlayTech Poker review Poker details 
5PokerTime10 buck free money
Free rolls are for frfree
not enough freerolls
cust service is lacking
They have a good no-dep bonus, as well as a couple...
MPN/ Microgaming Poker review Poker details