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Rating source: Kristyn

Rating type: PERSONAL.

I live in Colorado currently, although I am from Southern California originally. I just started playing at the online poker rooms within the last year but have really enjoyed learning all of the different games,i.e., Texas Hold Em and Omaha. Already knew 7 and 5 card stud. Now I play for play money almost daily. As well as have made many friends and met a lot of interesting people from all over the World.

Rating Poker room Pros Cons Author's review
1Poker WorldThis poker room will allow you to play for Play money as well as real and hosts many Tourneys daily. Free entry as well as several Real. This room will also replensih your play money account $1000 at a time and does not hold you to a daily limit.The overall graphics layout leaves a little to be desired, but overall a really great place to play poker!!This is really one of the best I have come acrosse...
Dobrosoft Poker review Poker details 
2Spin Palace (closed)As always any site which are associated with the Micro gaming Software certainly spare no expense and in my opinion tend to be the best out there. This place is no exception. The only thing is they don't give any newbie bonuses for you to try. Nice graphic layout. You will nevr have a hard time finding a game at this place it is always hopping!!I am not too impressed with a lot of the crowd that plays there at times. I have seen many get very rude and abrasive, even if you are playing for "Free" so beware!! Also, I cannot understand the logic behind limiting all players chips to $2000 per day whom are playing at the site for "play". It's not like its gonna break da bank or anything!!
Not really a bad place to play, it just wouldn't b...
MPN/ Microgaming Poker review Poker details 
3Crazy Vegas Poker (closed)What can I say this place is one which is also connected on the one network as many of the others. The experience is the same the layout a little different. I think it's all of the Microgaming Software casino's which have poker sites are all hooked up as one. So Not much else to tell you about this one that I didn't cover in Poker333Again, the people are not always the friendliest, many are rude. I have met a couple of pretty cool people here but you gotta be choosy! Affilliated with all of the other Microgaming Casi...
MPN/ Microgaming Poker review Poker details 
4Red Kings PokerThis site is fairly well layed out, howeve if you are just learning I wouldn't reccommend using this site to learn. the layout consists of different characters depending on where you sit at the table and it can be alittle confusing trying to figure out what is going on at certain times. All in all thougha pretty fun place to play for real or for fun.As i said I think the graphic layout could be a little better thought out, as it can be difficult to ascertain what is going on with the cards at the table at times. But other than THAT LITTLE DETAIL ITS A PRETTY FUN PLACE TO PLAY.If you are a seasoned player i would reccommend th...
Ongame Poker review Poker details 
5Doyles Room (closed)This site was created and inspired by its namesake Doyle Brunson. It is a very well put together, very easy to follwow and is just an all aroun classy place.It is rather big and might be a bit intimidating for newbies. But none the less a very good poker site.As I stated it is so big that it can be a little overwhelming.Great Poker, Great Fun! username: CINDRFOX
Cake Poker review Poker details