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Poker Stars Review

PokerStars is a fun, safe place to play poker with people from around the world for real or play money. We realize there are plenty of places you can play poker over the Internet, but PokerStars is the only one where you’ll be treated like the poker star you are! So Stars have put together a dedicated and professional service team, and the best software with the most features to keep you playing at their site. PokerStars is a registered legal business located in San Jose, Costa Rica.

PokerStars is not an Internet casino. Unlike an Internet casino, you never play against the house; You always play against other real poker players from around the world. PokerStars receives compensation for hosting games between players by collecting a rake from each real money pot. There is absolutely no charge to participate in our play money games. In fact, we encourage you to try our play money games, especially if you are new to cardroom-style poker.

PokerStars is the world leader in online poker tournaments, both in traffic and software. PokerStars has a very ambitious weekly program of both fixed schedule as well as sit-and-go tournaments. In these tournaments, there are many high stakes games available.

No longer are your fellow Internet poker players just text and an infernal blinking light. As poker players ourselves, we know how important it is to be able to recognize the faces at your table. That's why at PokerStars, you have the option of selecting a personalized image to represent you at the virtual tables. The image can be of anything you want: your pet, your favorite movie star or, of course, you!

Visit Poker Stars, Poker Stars details.


Ring players the same time


Tournament players


Poker games (including varieties)

Texas Hold'em (LP, NL, PL), Omaha (Hi-Low), 7-Card Stud (Hi-Low)

Limits (for limit Hold'em)

$0.01/$0.02 - $100/$200


No rake for limit tables up to $0.02/$0.02, 5% max. $3 for other limits


Satellites and points tournaments

Deposit bonus no
Refer a Friend bonus no
Jackpots no
Loyalty program Points you can redeem for merchandise or participate tournaments
All-in protection yes
Deposit/withdrawal methods VISA, MasterCard, NETeller, FirePay, ePassporte, Wire Transfer, Western Union, check