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Miscellaneous Poker Tops

This site is devoted to the best online poker-rooms. Overall players' opinion about the best rooms you already know, here you can find the best poker-rooms in smaller categories. Again, all information is organized in the form of various tops and as a result you do not need to spend lots of time finding out necessary information. Check the pages below to find out more.

To make all this tops Ive visited dozens poker sites and forums. I think information provided is really reliable and trustworthy. If you want to add another category here or you think that it is possible to improve tops, please e-mail me.

If you are interested in online casino or online gambling tops, please visit "Online Casino Ratings" site.

The Most Visited Rooms - the more players visit poker-room, the more opportunities you have.

The Most Tight/Loose Pokers - whether you want to play with strong opponents or prefer to outplay week players, you can find suitable poker-room here.

The Best Poker Bonuses I think all of you love to get free money from online poker-rooms. The most lucrative bonus offers await you.

The Lowest Rake nobody wants to give extra money to the room, so pick up a place where you'll pay as low as possible.

The Widest Limits - some people want to practice at micro- and nano-limits while highrollers are ready to play above $100/$200. Choose the most comfortable limit for your play.

The Newest Online Rooms its not a top really, its just a list of five online poker-rooms from reputable networks that opened recently. You are welcome to try them and if you like, you can add them into your top.

The Most Popular Games online pokers offer many different games, you can choose one of the popular or something rare.

The Best Poker Sites if you need even more information about poker, you can find it at other useful sites.

The Best Poker Books to play successfully you need not just pure luck but some knowledge too. Read poker bestsellers and youll win more!

The Best Poker Computer Programs like many other games, poker requires training to improve skills. Use special poker software to become the perfect player.