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Red Kings Poker Details

Details about Red Kings Poker (Network/Software:Ongame) (Poker-room review)

Nr. Source Type Rating Pros Cons Author's review
1AceofSpadesPersonal2Beginner's site.Same thing as EuroPoker - not the best looking graphics but what the... I make a decent living out of it.-
2KristynPersonal4This site is fairly well layed out, howeve if you are just learning I wouldn't reccommend using this site to learn. the layout consists of different characters depending on where you sit at the table and it can be alittle confusing trying to figure out what is going on at certain times. All in all thougha pretty fun place to play for real or for fun.As i said I think the graphic layout could be a little better thought out, as it can be difficult to ascertain what is going on with the cards at the table at times. But other than THAT LITTLE DETAIL ITS A PRETTY FUN PLACE TO PLAY.If you are a seasoned player i would reccommend th...
3Poker Top 10Site9 Relatively new to the poker scene, Hollywood Poker...