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The Most Popular Poker Games

Dozens poker games exists, but they are not equally popular. Some games you can find at any poker-room with lots of people playing. Other are hard to find online and tables can be empty. You can find more books and programs for popular games, but there are less professional players at rare games. Choose your game and master your skills!

  1. Texas Hold'em - the most popular game around, no doubts. It get around half of the traffic at any poker-room, so you can easily find filled Texas table. Limit and no-limit games are about equally popular at ring tables and no-limit is absolute tournament leader. Pot-limit games are a little bit less popular, other varieties (like 1/2 pot) are quite rare.

  2. Omaha Poker - second popular game also available everywhere. Omaha gets up to quarter of the ring games traffic, but quite limited tournament traffic. Hi-Low variant is just a little bit less popular.

  3. 7-Card Stud - the third game present at the most rooms. It get a little bit less traffic than Omaha, but you can find enough opponents at big rooms. Again, Hi-Low is almost as popular as usual (Hi) 7-Card Stud.

You can also find online 5-Card Stud Poker, 5-Card Draw, Crazy Pineapple (including Hi-Low), miscellaneous variants of Draw Poker. All these games are hard to find, the best choice of rare games you can get at Ultimate Bet Poker.