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The Best Poker Computer Programs

I hope you’ve read “The Best Poker Books” page, so you know how important it is to learn and improve your skills as a poker player. Reading books is the first step on the improvement ladder. The second step is practice and self-study. It's not recommended to play long at "Fun" tables, because people usually act weird there. Start from low limits, gather some statistics and analyze your results. Find your weak spots and work to improve them, poker programs will greatly help you.

Poker software is usually a little bit more expensive than books, but again, if you play a lot it pays to buy software and analyze your play. You can divide all poker programs into three groups, the best software in each group is represented below. I really recommend you to visit "Soft for Poker" site. It has two my own programs plus reviews of the most popular poker software.

1. Log analyzers (statistical analysis of yours and your opponents play)

Poker Tracker – the best log analyzer at the moment. Plenty of options; support of Party, Stars, Prima, Cryptologic, B2B, Ultimate Bet, Pacific Poker etc. stats.

Poker Office - this is mix of online monitor (it reads all information from the screen and does not require to download statistics), odds calculator, log analyzer and heads up display. It gives analytical information on you and opponents during the game with some recommendations. New version of the software supports many rooms.

2. Odds calculators (your odds to improve or win certain hand)

Poker Stove - great preflop calculator that can compare hands on postflop too.

Pokalyzer - calculates odds to improve your hand and odds that your hand will win against certain or random hand.

Poker Indicator - calculates odds to improve your hand and odds that your hand will win. It works automatically with most of the online poker rooms (more than 150 rooms).

3. Poker simulators (test your skills against poker bots)

Wilson Turbo Software - probably the best known poker simulator, you can play with computer and get analysis of your play. Many poker-rooms forbid to use Wilson software during the real play!

Poker Academy - the most advanced poker bots that are used by Party Poker and several computer games.

World Series of Poker - CD with number of casino and poker games.