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The Best Table Limits

If you want to study poker it's better to play for real money. "Fun money" players often act like maniacs, you will hardly find that bad play at real money tables. But if you do not want to loose lots at the beginning, it's better to start low limits, below $1/$2. As soon as you feel confident in your abilities to outplay opponents on low limit, you can rise limits, building your bankroll the same time. If you do not want to change poker room moving through limits it's better to choose room with wide set of limits, e.g. from $0,1/$0,2 to $100/$200. If you are very tight of money you'll need $0,01/$0,02 tables and some pro or Arab sheikh would like to play $200/$400. No problems, check the table below (it shows limits for Limit Hold'em; pot-limit and no-limit usually have similar limits, limit's set for other games can be more narrow) and choose the best offer!

Place Poker Room/Network Minimal limit Maximal limit
1 Ultimate Bet $0.01/$0.02 $200.00/$400.00
2 Poker Stars $0.01/$0.02 $100.00/$200.00
3 Prima Network $0.1/$0.2 $100.00/$200.00

NB! Presence of high-limits tables does not necessary mean that you'll find players there.